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Answering the Lord's call to minister the gospel...

- Nicole Groves - Soprano

Ever since she was a young girl,  Nicole knew that the Lord had a calling on her life and by the time she could get involved in music, she knew that's what the Lord wanted her to pursue.  In running sound for Joseph and Wayne's previous group, she got to see first-hand how God uses southern gospel to change people's lives.  When there was an opening for a position in the group, she decided to join and has been amazing people with her sweet voice and out-of-this-world high range ever since.

Full Name:  Nicole Carroll Groves

DOB: 10-18-1986

Spouse:  Joseph Groves

Anniversary:  11-12-2010

Children:  Emma Groves, Nathan David Groves

- Wayne Groves - Baritone and 2nd Tenor

Full Name:  Wayne Earl Groves

DOB: 12-17-1957

Spouse:  Louise Groves

Anniversary:  11-3-1990

Children:  Sandy, Jason, and Joseph Groves

Wayne sang in his first group at the age of 15 learning harmony in church.  He has been in gospel ministry since 1991 singing with a number of talented singers, and musicians with groups like Southern Grace and New Day.  His range goes from mid range bass notes all the way up to the 5th octave in full voice. 

Wayne has been a public servant for the City of Kissimmee for over 25 years and is looking forward to going into full-time ministry when he finishes his after-retirement program.  He plays piano and does an excellent job performing on stage.  Most of all, he loves the Lord with all his heart and wants so see people come to salvation.

- Joseph Groves - Tenor

Joe has loved gospel music all his life.  He grew in church singing every chance he could, but it wasn't until later on in his early twenties that he came to the saving knowledge of Christ.  He joined his father's group, New Day in 2010.  Joe is the technologically adept person of the group, taking care of the sound system and online aspects of managing the group.  He records and runs live sound as well.  In 2015 he delivered his first sermon and now he preaches in various churches throughout the year as requested.  

Full Name:  Joseph Michael Groves

DOB: 2-11-1985

Spouse:  Nicole Groves

Anniversary:  11-12-2010

Children:  Emma Groves, Nathan David Groves

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